Build this – but guess what we want.

At Supremesoft we’re working on a contract with one of our biggest clients. Unfortunately I’m not at liberty to say who this client is or what specifically we are doing, though I believe I can say this: It’s huge.

The components of this project include: An abstract database model “DataMart”, an OLAP server, a Business Rules Engine, Reporting tools, Dashboard tools, Export tools, and has to be “Platform and non-domain specific”.

Holy shit. If you’re a developer you know that typically you start with a database model, and build your code on that. As Lead Developer for this project I was concerned as first of all don’t have a database model. Our DataMart may change at any moment – and will – and the application needs to be able to automagically adjust. We’re designing security on a “cell” based level – which means that different security roles will have access to not only specific columns in the database, but specific rows of that table. All this while not knowing the actual tables, columns, or rows.

If this all sounds crazy so far – because it kind of is – then here are just a few more requirements. Any software we use must be Open Source and the majority of the project must be in php.

We’ve just submitted our Analysis Document for review – not only have we found a way to meet all their requirments, but we’ll be able to do so in the time period they’ve outlined. This will be one of the most interesting products I’ve every worked on.