Her name is Sara

I know I tend to rant and rave about technology and programming – but there is one person who seems to be able to put up with my ramblings most of all. It’s – and not to play into any cliché – the love of my life. I mean that in the most sincere way possible. This weekend is our one year anniversary and I guess you can call this a “Year In Review!”

Cleavland Vibrators?
Sara and I met at the end of 2007 at the time I was dating the yet to be revealed bitch of a lifetime but Sara was her room mate. Those two semesters we became what I would call very good friends, all the times that bitch was ignoring me or running around – Sara was there and it was a lot of fun hanging out with her. I’ll also admit that I did kind of have a silly crush on her. Whether it was the failed attempts at installing Linux onto her laptop, creating screens for printing, dancing wildly in front of a web cam, doing crafts, or watching movies I had a great time that year in that afartment and I know it was because of her.

Hazy Days
A year later, Spring 2009, that bitch of a lifetime revealed herself and we broke up. At the time I was working what seemed to be the permanent death overnight shift (I was promised a 1 month rotation and was actually on overnights for almost 4 months) so my days involved sleeping on the couch and nights involved sleeping at my desk. I started talking to Sara again online and we agreed a Craft Night was well in order. Fondue, sewing, drinks – sounds like a good night. All my friends in the area were all her friends so I was pretty lonely. That night was awesome, a great time and great memory. In fact it wasn’t long ago to this year that it happened. We continued to talk online – Sara was in the midst of several all nighters because of class ending. I would spend my sleepless nights at work talking to her, and my sleepless days at her apartment keeping her company as she worked.

Wanna ride roller coasters?
I love roller coasters. The bitch who revealed herself did not – she actually didn’t have much in common with me at all, why we dated for four years is still a painful mystery. During one of our hazy, sleep deprived days, we talked about things to do – Busch Gardens being only 20 minutes away seems like a great idea. Her Dad was able to get a great deal on season passes for us. One Friday while I enjoyed my time not sleeping at her apartment she looked up from her computer and asked me “Wanna go ride roller coasters?” – “Hell yeah” May 1st – we went to Bush Gardens and spent the whole day not sleeping or working riding roller coasters, eating candy, and escaping the pressures of the day. That evening at IHOP we talked about it and clicked into place “I’m falling in love with her” my crush from two years ago relived, even more exciting than before, closer than before.

From then on our lives adventures continued as one. It has been, the most difficult year since – but the most rewarding year of my life to date. I look into her eyes, her smile, and I know this is the person whom I want to spend the next day, week, month, years with. This post is dedicated to her, I love her, she to me is everything a woman should be, and everything a best friend is.