So – not sure how this happened – but I’ve become the technical point of contact for screening people whom have applied for Network Administration, System/Server Administration, Windows Desktop Support, and most any other non-developer role for Supremesoft.

I’m flattered really, that people think that highly of my skill set. I was worried that I wouldn’t be qualified for the job though ( I mean, I’m a php Developer and Linux System Administrator – I’ve used Windows, worked on it for a year as an Admin but I’m not judger or talents ). Well the interviews kicked off today – on top of my two up coming deadlines, one being tomorrow, and the other next Friday – wow. Three interviews, and these people were morons. I thought I would spend my time judging talents and making the hard decision of “who was better” these Resumes were blatantly falsified. Someone who writes a certification on their resume should at least know what that certification is for.

“From a generic standpoint – if a server is failing – what are some of the first places to start diagnoses” Let me tell you the correct answer is not “Restart the machine”. A server is failing – please first identify what is failing, then advise on several typical points of failure, then tell me a plan of action. Two of the three answered “Restart” those two also had no idea what “Rack Mounted” meant or of enterprise network level configuration. One of the applicants actually was able to give me intelligent feedback but half the things mentioned on the Resume were not true from talking to him.

I can see why the technology industry has some terrible employees. You take a Resume at face value, give it to an HR representative, and hire based on that and “References” who knows who you’re getting.

I’m glad I was able to help weed out these falsifiers.