MySQL Workbench

Typically when I’m making a project which requires a database I simply spec the model in my head and start plugging int tables and columns until I have a working, starting, model and branch from there. While that works great for all the various projects I do, it doesn’t help anyone who can’t read my mind or have a hard time drawing SQL code into charts.

MySQL Workbench! I’m surprised by this tool from MySQL – first of all I’ve never seen any colleagues use it but this tool is robust in it has the MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Administrator, and Data Modeling tools. I know – crazy, but to throw a few more “FEATURES!!!” at you – the tool is free from MySQL (I’m currently using the very stable BETA) and is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux (Including several pre-built packages for Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora, and SuSe Linux)

MySQL – My hats off to you. You’ve built an interface that encompasses all the tools and features I need to create, maintain, and monitor MySQL servers/databases on a personal and enterprise level.

I suggest downloading this tool and giving it a good test drive. Supports multiple server configurations and changing on the fly to easily monitor and maintain your servers!