Stack Overflow Meetup

Last night was the Stack Overflow Global Meetup at Fathom Creative and the weather was wonderful in DC! For those who don’t know Stack Overflow, Inc (Now StackExchange, Inc) planned a Worldwide Meetup Day which I helped organize for the DC Area. While on the subject of planning events – if you’re in DC and you need to plan an event, Fathom Creative has a gallery space that is simply beautiful and affordable. We lucked out with the weather and was able to enjoy the bulk of the meetup outside on their rooftop patio. I admit I was skeptical at first about how it would turn out – but without Sara’s help I think my skepticism would have come true. She help plan and acquire the food for the event as well as mingled and greeted everyone, helping me immensely! Meeting everyone from the various StackExchange family (Most┬ánotably: Stack Overflow, WordPress, Ask Ubuntu) was just awesome. I’m working on collecting all the photos from the evening for now you can view mine on Flickr. Getting a chance to chat with so many different and smart people is always a pleasure. Here are the photos I’ve collected so far from the meetup.

If you have any photos from the meetup, email them to me – I’d love to have them!