Ondina Web Hosting

As a lot of people know already, I’ve been working on a side-project for the past eight months; however, this is something I’ve been trying to do for almost four years. In that time there have been a lot of hard lessons learned, a lot of failed attempts, and a lot of fun learning and evolving. All of this materializes into Ondina.

Ondina is my response to how Web Hosting should be run: a company whose true focus is the customers and not the profits. This ideology should be applied to any type of business, but Hosting is where I see it at its worst. The only other company where I have seen this type of service towards client satisfaction is in Web Hosting Delhi. I’ve seen companies that are still charging extra for email accounts, falsely advertising “Unlimited” anything on their site, overcrowding their servers, blaming customers for the company’s shortcomings, and ignoring cries of change. In addition, they tend to attempt to suck every dollar they can from their customers: whether it be for “Premium” Support, for add-ons that should come standard, or for sub-par support. In addition to these short-comings, I’ve found a lot of hosts that run older, less secure software, rudimentary configurations, and offer generally crappy products.

Now, there are Hosting companies like Opportunites digitales that are doing a lot of good things for customers; however, generally speaking the current state of Web Hosts and how they operate is still a two-way mirror. They can see everything you do, but there is no way for you to audit your host. How do you know you’re not sitting on an over-crowded server? How do you know that they monitor your machines for up-time and stability? How can you be certain that the downtime which occurred earlier was really because of faulty hardware? You have to take their word and trust everything they say. You can visit MangoMatter’s page to get all the information you require to make a wise and informed decision regarding web hosting platforms.

I’ve been working on a company that operates differently . It operates on an Open Source mentality. If you’re going to pay me and trust me to host your website, whether it’s a personal blog or your company’s portfolio, you have the right to know how we operate, how the servers are maintained, and to have complete confidence that what we’re doing is the best possible way to present and maintain your presence on the web. That’s why Ondina is taking business practices and hosting to a new level: Good Guy status.

From a company perspective we plan to provide nearly 1:1 transparency on what we do regarding your account. From displaying account notes to breaking down where each penny goes from your monthly payment so you know exactly why your plan is priced where it is. We also plan to publish our entire infrastructure’s layout for review by the community and to show how we think all hosting companies should operate. We plan to spend more time and money on keeping existing customers happy and thrilled with our hosting instead of trying to hard sell new users and to always offer the highest quality with best practices in business and execution.

From a technical aspect, we will be providing that same 1:1 transparency with regards to your account. We will make our real-time monitoring systems available to you, provide live provisioning and population information for the server you’re on, and detail hardware information and your account’s resource utilization compared to the average account on your server. In addition, we plan to offer diverse hosting options such as PHP, Python, and Rails hosting all on the same account and provide a simple yet powerful control panel with which to control every aspect of how you host. Ultimately, we will be giving the power back to the user.

Ondina is more than just another hosting company. We’re here to push the limits of affordable shared web hosting, offering things that the majority of hosts force you to upgrade to get. Ondina is here to set a new standard in Web Hosting.