40 hours later

I was disappointed that I missed the Ondina launch for the 6th, so I decided to channel that disappointment into coding power! Little did I know that would take me on a 40 hour binge of coding and internet frolicking. I feared the worst this morning after I awoke: “What disastrous code did I write?!” Surprisingly, aside from quite a few profane variable names, the logic was sound. In fact I produced a lot of code, but written in a different way that I would have normally produced. It’s like reading over code by another developer where you agree with how they wrote it, but would have written it differently yourself.

There were some things that needed fixing. When I reviewed the commit messages this morning I had a hard time figuring out exactly what I had written. I knew it was for the DNS administration section because I remember making the video for it at 3AM. However, the commit messages would have you think otherwise:

cfdae81 I'M A TIGER!!!
895612f I'M HAVING A GOOD TIME!!!!
d851f46 DON'T STOP ME NOW!
45fe891 Integration of API shit
e4cda3b Moving forward to 0.5 as when DNS completes we'll be a 0.5 release
29e6061 No ID is required
3b58f33 Added updated styles for controls and dropdown
ee0677b Created DNS module and basis
77c08aa Merge branch 'dev' of code.ondina.co:ondina/cp into dev
620cf7e small comment
ac3fdc9 affects-me-button for the outstanding reports list in the feedback form?
9b3639f fixed the input class for width
7700967 Fixed weird submit buttons

These commits seem to correspond to, what Last.FM confirms, is an over hour long repeat of Queen – Don’t stop me now.

Not even I could stop me now.

After doing some rebase magic in Git these commit messages are actual useful. The last cleanup was with code comments. Interestingly enough I was compelled to write detailed descriptions of what I was doing on every other line – as if alert and awake self couldn’t figure it out!


Just one of the many multi-line comments

In all I had a lot of fun working with that much code in that amount of time. I don’t plan on doing this again for quite some time but I think it would be fun to do again. It’s amazing how energizing not sleeping can be.