It’s all about the users

Again, as we are drawing close to the start of the Ondina Private Preview Release, I begin to question certain design tactics and plans for the launch. What should be available for our private release? What features are most important to have? What should be functional?

One piece of functionality I know for certain needs to work flawlessly is the Feedback Form. Because of this I’ve spent quite some time scoping out how other popular services prod users and take feedback from them. Since the majority of web hosting providers don’t seem to have a way to submit feedback (As cPanel and other Web Control Panels don’t anticipate there being any feedback necessary for their product), I looked into how Google managed feedback from Google Plus users.

Google Plus Feedback

It’s simple: Describe the problem and give users the ability to “highlight” areas of the page to be included in the report while blacking out private details. It has a few drawbacks though. For starters, it’s slow. To even load the interface it takes approximately 45 seconds.  Before submission, there’s a preview step and, finally, the submission. Getting from one step to the other incurs a 30-45 second load time. Like so many other sites that sport a feedback button, this one is located outside of the realm of design: Bottom right of the window. Most sites seem to anchor theirs on the right or left of the page in an off-beat, annoying color.


Well, it's not that far away.

Being a developer, I know nothing about what the average user wants in an interface. If it were up to me, I would hand everyone SSH access and say, “Have at it!” Unfortunately, that really won’t work for everyone, and I know that. With Ondina, I know feedback is going to be the only way to bring Ondina from just another hosting provider to the hosting provider. So I’ve taken some time to build out something that will hopefully make your input and you, the user, the single most important entity to this whole operation! I care what you have to say. In fact, without your feedback I’d be stuck at the gates. As a result, I’ve placed a feedback panel in the control panel. On every page you’ll be able to not only report your good experiences with Ondina hosting, but also exactly how you think your experience can be improved. In addition to providing feedback, you can view all the outstanding issues reported on any page ordered by votes.

I look forward to the Private Preview Release and most importantly your feedback!