Ask Ubuntu, 32k Mile Marker

It looks like Ask Ubuntu will be ringing in the New Year with just about 32,000 users and over 32,000 questions! This year has been a great one for Ask Ubuntu. We’ve seen a rapid growth in traffic, users, and great questions. With next year right around the corner, we look forward to continued trends of stellar questions, phenomenal answers, and continued efforts to provide the best platform for solving questions by users. As a bit of a “year in review” here are some of the all time highest ranked questions in the community:

There are plenty of other great questions in our catalog of over 30,000. Check out our most linked questions, highest scored questions, and of course our list of unanswered questions (for any that you might be able to help us with)!

On other fronts we have both a Twitter and Google+ page, which you can follow to receive updates about notable questions, tips and tricks, as well as news regarding the Ask Ubuntu site!