phpMyAdmin Charm ready!

As a follow up to my previous post about the Minecraft Charm, here is my next completed charm: phpMyAdmin! Unlike my last charm’s post, I’m going to keep this one sweet and to the point. For a review on how to setup your local charm directory and environment see the aforementioned post, or checkout the Documentation. In summary you’ll need to fetch this charm, bootstrap a deployment environment, deploy MySQL charm and phpMyAdmin charm, create a relationship between the two, and expose the service. All of that is demonstrated in the video with a transcript of the commands available below.

mkdir -p ~/Projects/charms/oneiric
charm get mysql ~/Projects/charms/oneiric/mysql
charm get phpmyadmin ~/Projects/charms/oneiric/phpmyadmin
juju bootstrap
juju deploy --repository ~/Projects/charms local:mysql
juju deploy --repository ~/Projects/charms local:phpmyadmin
juju add-relation phpmyadmin mysql
juju set phpmyadmin password="password" # Replace password with your actually password
juju expose phpmyadmin

For switching to use the latest upstream, execute the following:

juju set phpmyadmin use_upstream=true

Setting this value to false will revert the installation back to the one provided via the Ubuntu Archives. There are a few other features to this charm which are documented in the readme file.