Ask Ubuntu Moderator Elections

We’ve had some great success in the last year at Ask Ubuntu, just as our community has grown it’s come time to grow our community elected moderation team. As such, another round of Moderator Elections has started! I look forward to seeing the new moderator nominees and who lines up to run! Here are some statistics for those curious about how we compared from last election to this election in terms of site size.

Since the last election we:

  • had over 32,000 questions have been asked
  • have seen more than 35,000 additional users join the community
  • do over fifteen times as much daily traffic
I’m very proud of the growth we’ve seen so far and look forward to matching that growth by doubling the moderation team! If you have more than 300 reputation on the site and care to run the nomination phase is open for 5 more days. If you’re interested in helping to elect the people who will be added to our moderation team you’ll need at least 150 reputation to vote. With the voting not slated to start until after nomination period, so you’ve still got some time go get some great questions and answers out there! If you’re looking for a place to start here are some questions that could use your help!