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Bugs are not questions

It’s been a long standing policy that bugs are off-topic for Ask Ubuntu and for good reason, we have Launchpad which is the best place for bugs in Ubuntu to end up. Before I dive too deeply into the history of this issue and what we’re doing to fix this, if you have a bug please see here on how to report it! Despite having formed the “No bugs on Ask Ubuntu” policy over a year and a half ago we’ve ended up being too lax in how we identified and handled bugs. As a result the site is swimming with “Questions” that have no answer and likely never will because they are bugs.

We can improve Ask Ubuntu by just pointing the user to bug filing advice and promptly closing the question. – Martin Pool

To combat this we’ve mobilized the community to weed out, flag, and close these buggy questions which means a lot of questions will end up closed as off-topic. This isn’t a bad thing – in fact it’s quite a good thing. With each question getting a sign post saying “This is a bug, report your bug to Launchpad” any future users who stumble on to these questions from search engines will now know where to look, instead of finding disappointment in an answer-less “question”.

We need more help! If you happen to come across a question on Ask Ubuntu that’s a duplicate of an existing bug report, or clearly should be submitted as a bug report, click the “flag” button at the bottom of the post and let us know! The sooner we prune and notify users these are actually bugs the quicker we can get them logged against the appropriate Launchpad project/package. The result will be a more fluid experience for new users and future users (since all these bugs will be fixed!). If you have questions about whether a question is a bug you can join the Ask Ubuntu chat or ask on the Ask Ubuntu Meta site.