Free Advertisement for Open Source Projects and Events!

One of the great things Stack Exchange provides the community with is free advertising for projects and events that affect the Ubuntu community. The ads are rotated though and displayed on Ask Ubuntu pages. It’s a great way to get the word out about your projects.

Here’s a sample of events and projects that have submitted ads for this Quarter.

Are you looking for outreach? Looking to advertise your Local Team? It’s easy, just create a 220×250 image of your event and post it in this meta thread following the described format. Once the post gets at least six upvotes from the community, the ad will automagically be added to the rotation of existing network ads. (Users withing to vote on ads will need at least 15 reputation to cast an upvote)

Want to support these events and ads on your own blog? Then check out George Edison’s Stack Ad, which will let you run these ads on your own blog!