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Keeping information in blogs, up-to-date

One of the biggest fears I have mine is using outdated information from blogs to fix an issue. Thanks to the work by Nathan “George Edison” Osman we now have an updated version of StackTack which will allow you to dynamically include/embed questions and answers from any of the Stack Exchange sites including Ask Ubuntu. If you run a WordPress blog you can search “StackTack” in the plugin section or download the latest plugin from the project page. If you run a project site or use other blogging software you can easily install StackTack on your site.

On every page load StackTack will fetch the latest information for that question, keeping the data always up-to-date, shifting the burden off of the blog authors back to the original content authors. This technology is now available on the Ubuntu Planet, so all you Ubuntu Community members who wish to use it won’t have your posts lost in scraping!