Ask Ubuntu’s about page gets a face lift

A common problem we have on Ask Ubuntu is people assuming that it’s just “another forum” and not quite grasping the concept of how the site works. Today Stack Exchange has rolled out a new About page that helps to curb this issue and educate new users with a quick start on how to use the site. You can view this page by clicking “About” at the top of the Ask Ubuntu website.

  1. Christopher Carter

    Could be an idea to automatically send new users there when they first sign up, maybe get them get them to tick a box saying they have read and agree with the usage policy before they can participate.

  2. Nice, I like it a lot! Small criticisms ahead:

    I don’t like the example question shown, it has two identical answers, that are both link-only.

    Also, I don’t like the phrase “you’ll earn the ability [..] to edit other people’s posts”, any one can edit posts, and we want to encourage that.

  3. Evropi

    Just wondering, does Ask Ubuntu actually run on Linux?

    The founder of Stack Exchange, Joel Spolsky, is famously anti-open source but also anti-UNIX and anti-Linux. And I mean, he absolutely hates them both.

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